All arenas are closed for public use

Most facilities and all libraries are closed for public use

The Province has announced a provincewide shutdown beginning on Saturday, Dec. 26 at 12:01 a.m. Please only leave your home for essential trips, only gather with those in your household and stay connected with friends and family virtually. Read more. 

Visit our COVID-19 updates page to learn what's open and closed as well as how city services are affected. 

The City of Kitchener is home to many community arenas and parks. Check out the arenas and parks at The Aud, and in your neighbourhood, below:

Skating schedule

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Community arenas

Activa Sportsplex
135 Lennox Lewis Way Kitchener, ON  N2C 0A3


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The Activa Sportsplex is a 108,487 square-foot multi-purpose, environmentally-friendly, athletic facility that hosts ice sports, summer indoor sports, boxing, and recreational walking.

Kitchener Minor Hockey Association (KMHA) Alumni Arena
Located in the Activa Sportsplex, the KMHA Alumni Arena is a 17,000 square-foot playing surface (85' x 200').
Patrick J. Doherty Arena
Located in the Activa Sportsplex, the Patrick J. Doherty Arena is a 17,000 square-foot playing surface (85' x 200').
Lyle S. Hallman Foundation Walking Track

The Lyle S. Hallman Foundation indoor track offers walkers, joggers and runners a safe place to lace up and get some exercise all year-round.

Located above the KMHA Alumni ice pad at the Activa Sportsplex, the track is open to everyone - free of charge every day, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. The hours will be adjusted slightly June 29 - July 31 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Please note: The Lyle S. Hallman walking track is currently open by registration only due to COVID-19.

1. Participants must come prepared to participate with their walking clothes on. You may change your shoes when you arrive at track level. There will be no change rooms or showers available. Washrooms will be open at track level with limited capacity protocols in place.
2. Only those participants registered will be permitted inside the building. Participants must remain in the designated drop-in space and are not permitted to wander throughout the building.
3. Participants are asked to:
o gather, physically distanced at the main entrance
o 10 minutes before your scheduled time slot
o staff will review the protocols
o ensure you are on the registration list
o direct you up the stairs to track level or via the elevator (1 person at a time only)
4. Physical distancing protocols must always be maintained in the building.
5. Provincial regulation and Regional bylaw requires the wearing of masks inside City of Kitchener facilities.
6. Walkers must wear masks while in the common areas and while participating.
7. Participants are encouraged to bring their own filled water bottles. There will be limited bottle refilling stations open should participants need to refill their bottles.
8. Chairs will be provided in the upper lobby to place personal items such as a water bottle, coat, etc. Please place your items on your specific designated area only. Leave valuables at home, the City of Kitchener is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
9. Walking only. Running or jogging is not permitted during this time.
10. Strollers are permitted on the indoor track but must remain single file in the inner most lane only.
11. Lanes are designated for your safety:
o Lane 1 (inside lane): walking
o Lane 3 (outside lane): provided to permit proper distancing when passing slower participants
o Lane 2 will not be available in order to maintain physical distancing
12. Walking direction is determined by facility signage.
13. Must always walk single file while maintaining physical distancing of 2m/6ft unless from the same household.
14. Do not stand within the walking zone. Always keep moving.
15. Always pass to the person's right side.
16. No pets are permitted (service animals excepted).
17. No spitting or spouting of water, no chewing of gum.
18. The indoor track is a scent-free zone. Please refrain from wearing any perfumes/colognes and other highly scented products.
19. No equipment, including but not limited to urban pole walking sticks, hockey sticks, balls, pucks, mats, weights, skipping ropes, etc. which might interfere with the safety of any walker while on the indoor track.
20. At the end of the program, all participants must exit the facility within 5 minutes the same way you entered, through the main entrance.

If you need to cancel your time slot, please withdraw 24 hours in advance to allow others the space.

If you have further questions, please speak with the Facility Ambassador on duty or email


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Dom Cardillo Arena - The Aud

400 East Ave. Kitchener, ON N2H 1Z6


Dom Cardillo Arena hosts events throughout the year. This multi-purpose space is a preferred venue for large events and concerts, ice sports, indoor sports and tradeshows/events. It is also home to the Kitchener Rangers and KW Titans

Concert/Event Capacity (stage at north end of ice surface)

  • Large Concert/Event (General Admission Floor) 5,445 (1,400 floor standing)
  • Large Concert/Event (Seated Floor) 5,301 (1,256 floor seats)

Various Seating Plans

  • Ice Hockey 7,636 (with suites & standing)
  • Basketball 2,951
  • Public Capacity Ice Surface 1,400
  • Accessible seating is available

Ice Surface

  • Ice Surface Area 85’ x 190’ 
Don McLaren Arena

61 Green St. Kitchener, ON  N2G 4K9


Don McLaren Arena is a 15,000 square-foot facility that offers a 185' x 85' playing surface.

Grand River Arena

555 Heritage Dr. Kitchener, ON  N2B3K9

Grand River Arena is a 15,000 square-foot facility that offers a 185' x 85' playing surface.

Kinsmen Arena - The Aud

400 East Ave. Kitchener, ON N2H 1Z6


Kinsmen Arena is a multi-purpose space that hosts ice sports, summer indoor sports and tradeshows/events. 

 Ice Surface

  • Ice Surface Area - Boards in 85’ x 200’ 
  • Ice Surface Area - Boards and glass out 105’ x 220’ 

 Seating Capacity

  • Seated: 1,607
  • Standing Room: 66

Please contact us for your custom event plan for this arena.

Kiwanis Arena - The Aud

400 East Ave. Kitchener, ON N2H 1Z6


Kiwanis Arena is a multi-purpose space that hosts ice sports, summer indoor sports and tradeshows/events. 

Ice Surface

  • Ice Surface Area - Boards in 85’ x 200’ 
  • Ice Surface Area - Boards and glass out 115’ x 220’ 

 Seating Capacity

  • No seating available

Please contact us for your custom event plan for this arena.

Lions Arena

20 Rittenhouse Rd. Kitchener, ON  N2C 1J3


Lions Arena is a 16,200 square-foot facility that offers a 185' x 85' playing surface and a hall - perfect for corporate meetings, stag & does, and birthday parties.

Queensmount Arena

1260 Queen's Blvd. Kitchener, ON  N2M 1R4


While the ice surface no longer exists, the facility offers 15,000 square feet of playing space which is available to be rented.

Sportsworld Arena
35 Sportsworld Crossing Rd. Kitchener, ON N2P 2J1


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Gay Lea Rink
Located in the Sportsworld Arena, the Gay Lea Rink offers an NHL-sized playing surface (85' x 200').

Practice pad
Located in the Sportsworld Arena, the practice pad offers an NHL-sized playing surface (85' x 200').

Outdoor Rink at Carl Zehr Square
200 King Street W. Kitchener, ON  N2G 4G7


Civic Square hours are posted on the public skating page

Located in front of Kitchener's City Hall, the Carl Zehr Square ice surface is 65' x 112'.
This outdoor artificial rink typically operates during the winter months from November to March.


Jack Couch Ball Park - The Aud

400 East Ave. Kitchener, ON N2H 1Z6


Jack Couch Ball Park is home to the Kitchener Panthers and provides seating for approximately 1,400 fans.

Playing Field Measurements
Distance from home plate to:

  • Right Field (first base line) foul pole - 325’ 
  • Centre Field - 380’ 
  • Left Field (third baseline) foul pole - 325’
Centennial Stadium - The Aud

400 East Ave. Kitchener, ON N2H 1Z6


Centennial Stadium provides seating for approximately 800 fans.

Playing Field Measurements:

65 yards wide by 110 yards long for both football and soccer.

• American football field with fixed uprights
• Standard soccer field with portable nets

Neighbourhood Leash-free Dog Park - The Aud

400 East Ave. Kitchener, ON N2H 1Z6

The Neighbourhood Leash-free Dog Park at The Aud is a community initiative made possible with the support of the City of Kitchener. Because this is a community space, we hope everyone who uses the park will feel a sense of ownership in the park and help us keep it clean and safe.

To ensure a fun and safe experience for everyone, please read and follow the regulations posted on the fence. 

Visit the Facebook community page for this park.

Skatepark - The Aud

400 East Ave. Kitchener, ON N2H 1Z6

The Aud Skatepark has many features to interest extreme sport athletes, including skateboarders, inline skaters and bicycle stunters. The Skatepark features include a concrete pad, a bowl, a double camel’s hump, a one-quarter pipe with a rail, a ramp with a grinding rail, a pyramid and a horizontal grinding rail. The skatepark can be used year-round, depending on weather conditions, by all ages from 9 a.m. to dusk. However, it is not supervised and individuals use it at their own risk.

The Aud Skatepark has a capacity of approximately 392 people.


To reduce this risk and ensure all participants enjoyment and safety, skaters and bikers are asked to observe the following:

  • “Wear the Gear” – helmet, elbow and knee pads. 
  • Dry surfaces are safer. Wet or icy conditions are dangerous. Do not use the skatepark when dangerous conditions exist. 
  • Take turns. 
  • Place all garbage in the containers provided. 
  • Inspect the skatepark prior to using it to ensure safe conditions.
  • Notify the City of Kitchener immediately of any damage or needed repairs by calling our 24/7 corporate contact centre at 519-741-2529. 

The City of Kitchener is not responsible for any losses, damages or injuries resulting from use of the skatepark. Telephone and washrooms are available at The Aud.

For more information please call 519-741-2699.

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