Looking to play hockey without committing to games every week?


Welcome to Pick-up Kitchener!

Players can sign up for regular adult shinny games or join an established core group of skaters looking to pick up a few more players (noted as EST. Adult Shinny). Players must be 18 years or older to play.

Text PLAY to 844-562-0893 or click here to register. Players may also call 519.741.2699 for assistance.



  • Dressing rooms will be opened 30 minutes prior to the ice time.
  • NO REFEREES. On-ice cruisers are there for player safety only.
  • No body contact or body checking.
  • Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated (e.g., fighting, talking back, taunting, etc.).
  • Fighting will result in expulsion from the program.
  • Floods will take place after 50 minutes.
  • Adult Shinny: Athletes register via PickupHub (that is how teams are determined).
  • Senior Shinny: No registration required. Pay at Boston Pizza Fan Services booth.
  • The timekeeper will implement 2 minute shifts (subject to change at the discretion of the timekeeper).
  • Full equipment including a CSA approved helmet is required (e.g., full, visor or cage, neck guard, etc.).
  • Athletes will play by the rules of hockey, and in the spirit of the game.
  • Athletes will respect all participants and staff.
  • Athletes will be given warnings for minor behavioural violations (3 strikes and they are out...on the 3rd strike).
    • Important: Warnings will not be given in all circumstances. Players can be asked to leave immediately based on staff’s discretion.


For more information see Kitchener's PickupHub FAQ


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