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Upgrade underway to Kinsmen Arena and Kiwanis Arena floors at The Aud, summer 2017

After 35 years of hosting ringette, hockey, skating, lacrosse, festivals and trade shows, the Kinsmen Arena and Kiwanis Arena at The Aud will be upgraded. In May, the twin pads at will undergo renovations, including accessibility and energy efficiency improvements. This renovation also includes increased floor space. The project is expected to wrap up at the end of August, just in time for the 2017-2018 hockey season.

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Kinsmen and Kiwanis Arenas

The apron surrounding both rinks pose accessibility problems during shows. The new floor will not have this lip and will be more AODA compliant as well as provide improved space for shows.

Removal of the floor apron will help accessibility

Renovation Progress News

July 21, 2017: Water is put on top of the newly poured floor to ensure even curing of the concrete. This water will eventually be drained and the floor will cure for some more weeks before the refrigeration is turned on and we strart preparing the ice for the fall.

Twin pad arena Kinsmen with water on top to help even curing

July 20, 2017: Concrete is now being pumped into the floor of the Kinsmen rink and leveled. This task started at 8 a.m. and is expected to take 10 hours to complete.

Twin pad arena Kinsmen gets concrete floor poured

July 7, 2017: Rebar is now placed on top of the insulative layer in the Kinsmen floor and the refrigerant lines are being run through a wire chair system that keeps them equally spaced.

Kinsmen Arena Floor Upgrade July 7

The Kiwanis floor is not far behind and now has the insulation layer in place.

Kiwanis Arena Floor Upgrade July 7

 June 22, 2017: Insulation is being put down for the Kinsmen arena main floor. Concrete will soon be poured on top.

Kinsmen Arena Floor Upgrade June 22

On the other side the concrete apron is being poured and leveled around the outside of the main floor area.

Kinsmen Arena Floor Upgrade June 22

June 16, 2017: The concrete apron has been poured in the Kinsmen arena and equipment is being used to precision level the screenings before the insulation pieces are laid down to insulate the refrigeration loops from the ground.

Kinsmen Arena Upgrade

On the other side, the Kiwanis arena is having the forms for the concrete apron pour installed.

Kiwanis Rink Apron Instillation

May 18, 2017: All concrete has been removed from the Kinsmen pad and the pieces are being pulled from the Kiwanis pad. They are cut piece by piece and removed. 

Kinsmen Rink No Floor

Kiwanis Rink No Floor

MAY 11, 2017: After all fixtures are taped up to prevent dust from getting in, cutting of the old floor begins. Sparks fly from a liquid cooled concrete saw that divides the old floor into manageable sections for removal.

Taped up fixtures in the Kinsmen rink as concrete gets cut

Sparks fly from a concrete cutter as the old floor is sectioned for removal

MAY 9, 2017: Construction has now started and will conclude in time for the fall/winter ice to be put back in! Watch progress through the summer by signing up for the Aud Club, our bi-monthly newsletter! Sign up here >

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