Kitchener: The Aud


Advertising Opportunities with the Aud & ArenasBuildings in Kitchener

The City of Kitchener's sport facilities are proud to provide advertising opportunities for businesses that want to increase their visibility in the local community, grow out-of-town viewership, and break away from overcrowded markets.  

Together, the Aud & Arenas reach over 2.5 million people each year and provide a variety of ways to reach varying demographics through customizable advertising. 

Our team can help your organization build the right advertising package to suit your needs and reach your goals. With a number of opportunities that can be customized to fit, there is something for every industry, target market, and budget. 

Some examples of ways to advertise with us:

  • Rink boards
  • Glass wraps
  • Concourse Signage
  • Zambonis
  • In-ice logos
  • Window Advertising
  • Activation opportunities
  • Walking track advertisements 

Within the City of Kitchener arenas, organizations can access advertising opportunities at one or more locations simultaneously. Our local arenas include Sportsworld arena, Activa sportsplex, Don Mclaren arena, Lions arena, Queensmount arena and Grand River arena. We also offer advertising options at our Doon Valley and Rockway golf courses located within city limits.

If you are looking to grow your presence within the community and are ready to expand your marketing plans with a creative, vibrant, and impactful approach,  we can help! Contact us by email or call 519-741-2200 for more information. 

In addition to providing advertising opportunities, The City of Kitchener also provides long term Corporate Sponsorship opportunities through the Municipal Partnership Program. Visit the webpage to learn more about how your organization can build a legacy through sponsorship,