Kitchener: The Aud


Skate Park

Constructed in November of 1998, The Aud Skatepark is located at 400 East Avenue. It has many features to interest extreme sport athletes, including skateboarders, inline skaters and bicycle stunters. The Skatepark features include a concrete pad, a bowl, a double camel’s hump, a one-quarter pipe with a rail, a ramp with a grinding rail, a pyramid and a horizontal grinding rail. The Skatepark can be used year round, depending on weather conditions, by all ages from 9 a.m. to dusk. However, it is not supervised and individuals use it at their own risk.

To reduce this risk and ensure all participants enjoyment and safety, skaters and bikers are asked to observe the following:

  •  “Wear the Gear” – helmet, elbow and knee pads. 
  • Dry surfaces are safer. Wet or icy conditions are dangerous. Do not use the Skatepark when dangerous conditions exist. 
  • Take turns. 
  • Place all garbage in the containers provided. 
  • Inspect the Skatepark prior to using it to ensure safe conditions.
  • Inform the department immediately to notify them of any damage or needed repairs: 519-741-2529. 

The City of Kitchener is not responsible for any losses, damages or injuries resulting from use of the Skatepark. Telephone and washrooms are available at The Aud.

For more information please call 519-741-2699.