Kitchener: The Aud



Reserved Paid Lot Guidelines

The Aud parking legend

This lot is reserved for pass-holders who have pre-paid at The Aud Box Office; or if space allows, pay at the entrance. Vehicles must show a valid permit to park. Only those vehicles that are specifically authorized by the assignee may park in the reserved lot.Carpool Lot Guidelines
Vehicles carrying three or more persons will be permitted to park in these lots. Parking attendants will grant access to those following regulation.


Street Parking

Street parking is permitted but patrons must follow City of Kitchener parking regulations. To ensure safety and fairness for all residents,watch for fire hydrants and fire routes, accessible parking designations and time limits. No person is permitted
to park a vehicle on private property without consent of owner or occupent, no parking on boulevards or sidewalks. Parking on a city street when a snowfall of more than eight centimetres is forecasted or a snow event is declared is prohibited.

Do not block other patrons inside their space. Centre your vehicle in its parking space. Overhanging the stripes will crowd the driver who parks in the adjacent space and frequently leads to door dings in the paint of cars. Pull your vehicle all the way in to your space. Watch for posted speed limits and one-way signs and markers.